Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hip raises in shorts are a gym no-no.

I'm cooling down from my walk/jog. Mostly a brisk walk. But I hear that a brisk walk burns as many calories as a jog. Don't tell me if it's not true. I'm blissfully ignorant...and sweating. So shh. Don't burst my bubble.

I did run though. Well fast jogged. For about half-a-mile. Which is really good for me. Because I'm not a runner. And since I broke my left tibia and fibula 8 years ago, my knee and ankle absorb a ton of shock when I run. My knee normally kills me when I run. But lately, it hasn't been hurting. Which is super great.

I've also been going strong on the "Get-Your-Body-Back" weight workout. It's awesome because I can do it completely at home. Which is nice, because doing hip raises in a crowded gym seems obscene, tacky, and slightly pornographic. Especially in shorts.

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