Monday, January 10, 2011

A review.

As you all have obviously noticed, I took a little "vacation" from blogging. Well. Also from working out. So let me fill you in.

Week 1. November 15-21.
A Wisconsin Welcome.

Spent the week visiting my family in Wisconsin which obviously means that I got to enjoy my mom's home cooking and the fabulous Scotty's Pizza Bacon, Broccoli, and Cheese Pizza.

Ladies Night at the Elk's: a rousing evening of drinks, dancing, and enjoying the company of family and sum it up: several rounds of apple pie shots, vandalizing the birthday girl's purse (oh Lizzy), recreating the annual shot tower of awesomeness (creating a fortress of our empty shot glasses), appetizers served by gentlemen in tuxedos, creating a dancing circle while cheering on women aged 50+ as they bust out their post-disco dance moves, and having such a wonderful time, that it should be illegal. I think in some states it may be.

Week 2. November 22-28.
Turkey Day.

Enjoyed the holiday most dreaded by anyone on a diet - Thanksgiving. Sage-Butter turkey. My dad's signature mashed potatoes. Bacon-roasted brusselsprouts. Bacon and shallot green beans. (we like bacon). Caramel apple pie. I think I'll gain five pounds just thinking about it. Mmm. Anyone else hear their stomach growl?

Week 3. November 29 - December 5.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

Enjoyed my last week in the land of brats and cheese and all things fried.

Attended my first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party which was the perfect combination of polyester and hilarity. Thanks Brian and Laura for such an awesome time! Of course, I won first place with the delightfully tacky, yet unrefined outfit I model below....

Week 4. December 6-12.
Back to Texas.

Embarked on an epic voyage south where I left the frigid snowy North and spent two days driving back down to the ridiculous 70-degree December weather of Houston, Texas. It's hard to get into the Christmas spirit when there is no snow, no below-freezing temps, and everyone says ya'll. But the tree was decorated and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care...blah blah whatever.

Week 5. December 13 - 19.
Christmas Shopping.

Should count as a workout. Throwing elbows, leapfrogging over small children, and racing about the store can break a sweat and burn some calories. But I won't count it. Because I shop online.

Week 6. December 20-26.
Merry Friggin Christmas.

Spent the week pouring over cookbooks and various online recipe outlets to create the perfect Christmas dinner. Prime Rib with Cabarnet Au Jus. Some more bacon-roasted brusselsprouts. Steamed green beans. My attempt at my dad's famous mashed potatoes. Homemade cheesecake.

But alas, not such a perfect dinner could be conjured. The prime rib was undercooked, the brusselsprouts landed at the table cold, the mashed potatoes were a little too lumpy, and the cheesecake was bought from the store and completely forgotten about until after the guests had left. But between Catch Phrase, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, great friends, and a few bottles of Everclear soaked apple pie shots, Christmas was everything I could have wanted.

Week 7. December 27-January 2.
Auld Lang Syne - which means Happy New Years Bitches!

As 2010 came to a close, it was celebrated with champagne, some more Catch Phrase, watching midnight fireworks atop a large parking garage in downtown Houston. Throw in some other great friends, and I would say it was truely a Happy New Year. Except the high heels. The super cute sparkly zebra black and white high heels I wore. My feet began plotting their revenge after that torturous exploit. But beauty is pain. And those heels were really cute.


And that brings us to January. Month of resolutions. I've made several and will break most of them. But cheers to 2011. And a new look for the blog. Keep your eye out. Maybe I'll be make blogging become one more bad habit.

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