Monday, July 19, 2010

Ah..The Sweet Smell of Sweat

I've been told that southern women don't sweat...they glisten. So it's a good thing I'm not a true southern woman because I'm sure a sweaty girl right now. Just finished up interval-endurance running on the treadmill and now attempting to cool down. Which is not that easy when you live in Houston, Texas where it's 100-degrees with 95% humidity and you sweat just thinking about going outside. But, damn, did that run feel good.

My Saturday afternoon workout at Gold's definitely kicked my ass. Between arms, chest, shoulders, hips, glutes, hammies, quads, and calves, I was really feeling the burn. In some ways it felt pretty good. It meant I worked muscles that really needed to be worked. But mostly, I hated my life all day on Sunday. I could hardly get out of bed and waddled around like an old lady...while nursing a hangover. Not fun. I was also experiencing one helluva a guilt diet went out the window Saturday night as I gorged on the best bar pizza ever! Mmmm...Lucky's Pub cheese pizza. Amazing. And amazingly bad for you. So the two pounds I lost in two days last week were probably gained back by the two slices of heaven (aka pizza) that I couldn't seem to resist after downing one too many Bud Lights. But at least I drank light beer. That should count for something...right?

Well. I better rally my motivation to jump in the shower, or Brock will probably run away from me as soon as he gets home. And no one wants their cute husband to run away from them. That's never good.

Have a great Monday night! And when faced with temptations like pizza and beer: just say no!

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